Who we are

Our website address is: https://toptrade.co.nz.

  1. Terminology Toptrade™ – site, systems, owner, employees or other individuals or groups that are associated with the functioning of this site.
    Seller – person or persons attempting to exchange for money or goods any item that they legally posses.
    Buyer – person or persons attempting to purchase any item by way of exchange of goods or money.
    Lister – person or persons placing a listing on the site, such as an auction, classified, or directory listing.
    Listing – goods or services advertised, such as an auction, classified, or directory listing.
    User – person that has an account on this site.
    Goods – an item that a person or persons have legal ownership of.
    Bid – offer of money in exchange for goods.
  2. Disclaimer and Liability You agree that:
    1. This site is used at your sole risk, all transactions are at your sole risk, Toptrade™ are not responsible for any losses, directly or indirectly associated with any sales or purchases, or non sales or non purchases on this site.
    2. Toptrade™ are in no way or form responsible for any actions, or in-actions of any users of this site.
  3. Terms of use You agree that:
    1. You may only use this site if you are a New Zealand Resident, overseas users are not allowed to make use of this site.
    2. This site is merely a venue for people to meet, agree on terms for, and exchange money for goods.
    3. Bidding on an item shows your agreement to the terms as laid out by the seller in the listings terms and conditions.
    4. You may not hold more than one account on this site.
    5. You may not place a bid on an item, or any other activity, where the intention is not to purchase the item at the price the bid is placed for.
    6. You are solely responsible for any messages, text or items you place or display on the site, including but not limited to: forums, listings, classifieds, and accept any consequences of placing such content, and that Toptrade™ is not liable or responsible in any way.
    7. You are at least 15 years of age.
    8. You will only list items that you have in your possession, and for which you have legal ownership of, with the only excepting being for drop shipped items.
    9. If an item will be shipped from a different location (drop shipped), that this will be stated clearly in the listing.
    10. Toptrade™ reserve the right to remove, edit or restrict access to any site content, and also reserve the right to suspend, disable, ban, or limit access privileges of any user if we feel that any of these term and conditions may have been or may be breached, at our our sole discretion.
    11. In the event of a user being disabled, suspended or banned, Toptrade™ reserve the right to notify any other users which may have traded with the said user, for the purpose of protecting other users of the site.
  4. You must be 18 years and over to join the site.
  5. General Rules You agree that you will NOT:
    1. Use Postage Padding, postage prices must be based on a known amount, or an estimate of the expected amount, use of inflated postage prices may result in your account being suspended.
    2. Abuse other members of the site, in any form.
    3. Use offensive language, in any text or images that you place on the site.
    4. List any illegal, restricted or sexually explicit items.
    5. List any business opportunities, get rich quick offers, or pyramid type schemes.
    6. Use this site to promote a business, with the only exceptions being advertisements approved by Toptrade™ or members entries in the Business Directory.
  6. Personal Information You agree that:
    1. You must provide truthful and correct information when registering for an account.
    2. You will ensure that the details in your account profile up kept to date at all times.
    3. The buyer and the seller will be provided with some of the other users personal information (as applicable), including name, email address and postal address, which are provided by the user and saved on the site and shall be sent to the appropriate users automatically for the sole purpose of arranging payment and delivery of the goods.
    4. All information supplied during the registration process is kept confidential and is not disclosed to any third parties, with the exceptions being some publicly viewable information (as highlighted on the registration form), or when relevant details need to be provided to the other user at completion of an auction or classified listing, or if it becomes necessary to provide information to the police or other authority as part of an investigation.
    5. You understand that information will be stored in our database about your activities, including (and is not limited to): trading history, login history, personal account details, forum posts, private messages, favorite items.
  7. Intellectual Property You agree that:
    1. Any images, text, design or functions of this site are not to be reproduced, copied, modified or re-created, in part or in whole under any circumstances, without prior written permission from Toptrade™.
  8. Banned Items You agree that you will not list items or advertise items which:
    1. Cannot be legally owned, this includes (and is not limited to): Game Credits or Items, Virtual Games, items where another person or entity has intellectual property rights.
    2. Have conditions attached which stipulate that an item may not be re-sold, or offered by any means.
    3. A third party has legal ownership of.
    4. Are copyrighted and are not the original item (such as fakes or copies), this includes (and is not limited to): Software, Music, Clothing, Electronic Goods, or any other items which are covered by a copyright.
    5. Require a special license in order to own the item, e.g. firearms.
  9. E-mail Communications You agree that:
    1. By becoming a member of Toptrade™ that you are giving express consent for e-mail messages to be sent to you from us or our sites systems, in accordance with the requirements of The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.
    2. You shall not deem any e-mail communications sent to you by either the sites systems or site administrators to be spam, in any way or form.
    3. You will have the option to opt out of our general newsletter e-mail communications (opt-in consent occurs by agreement to these terms & conditions), however, highly important administrator messages relating to your membership may still be sent to you.
    4. Any automated notifications from the site notifying you of events, including, but not limited to: being outbid, listings closing, sold item notifications, relist notifications, private message notifications, forum posting notifications are opt-in e-mails, as they are site functions, many of which present the option whether or not to receive them at the time the site function is used.
    5. You give express consent to receive any messages relating to your membership or account functions, including automated site notifications.
  10. General Provisions You agree that:
    1. These terms and conditions will be updated from time to time, you are responsible for checking the terms and conditions periodically to familiarize yourself with any alterations or additions to these terms and conditions.
    2. Any changes to these terms and conditions shall take effect immediately upon posting on the site, and any changes made are retrospective.
    3. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in suspension or deletion of your account, and under extreme circumstances may result in the authorities being notified.
    4. If Toptrade™ do not exercise or enforce any right available to us under these terms and conditions, it does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
    5. If any provision of these terms and conditions becomes or is held to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal for any reason, that provision shall be severed from the remaining terms and conditions, which shall continue to apply.
    6. The site is used at your own risk, Toptrade™ cannot be held liable for goods listed, sold or purchased by a user.
    7. Toptrade™ are not liable for any listings on the site, and that that the individual lister, seller or buyer are responsible for their activities on the site.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not make use of this site